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Intuiface is a no-code platform dedicated to the delivery of rich interactive digital experiences that connect audiences to physical spaces.
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The Audience Engagement Platform

Meet the Intuiface Platform

The Authoring Tool

Composer is the Windows-based software you will use to create interactive experiences. Incorporate your own media and control every pixel of the design - there are no template restrictions or requirements to adopt pre-built app libraries. And it doesn't matter if you're building for the venue, for a website, or for mobile devices - your work will be identical.
Read more about Intuiface Composer

The Playback Engine

Player is the bit of software necessary to run all of the interactive experiences you create in Composer. Well it's a little more than a "bit of software" since it's the magic enabling the same content from Composer to run in-venue, on a website, and even on a personal mobile device. It's the nirvana of build once, run everywhere.
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The Content Management System

Headless CMS is a cloud-hosted repository enabling content managers to define, store, and manage the media and information used by their Intuiface deployments. By "headless" we mean the data structure is independent of any particular user interface, making Headless CMS usable by folks who have no knowledge of Intuiface or your project.
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The Cloud Connector

API Explorer enables the no-code support of any REST-based Web Services query, opening the door to thousands of public and private APIs. That includes everything from movie listings and weather forecasts to currency conversion, the latest photos from NASA, all those connected objects among the Internet of Things, and your company's back office.
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The Measuring Stick

With Analytics you can turn your Intuiface experience into an essential KPI resource. Capture data identifying user selections and their context (gender, weather, location, etc.), then build charts and dashboards to reach actionable user insights.
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What Makes Intuiface Unique?

Intuiface began with a passion for digital interactivity that started more than a decade ago.
We've combined years of dedicated research and customer feedback to produce the market's most complete platform for interactive digital signage.
We took...

Cutting-edge use of no-code techniques

  • Drag-and-drop, trigger-and-action approach to UX development
  • Simplified connection to any cloud-hosted services
  • Native code-like performance without a need for developer skills
  • Secure ISO 27001 certified infrastructure
Audience Engagement Platform
Audience Engagement Platform
Combined it with...

The best of traditional, digital signage platforms

  • Remote provisioning, deployment, and monitoring
  • Flexible, extensive content management
  • Straightforward, scalable licensing and pricing
  • Support for all popular digital signage platforms
Then added...

Our unique insight and innovation for human-machine interaction

  • Built-in support for multi-touch, computer vision, gesture, voice.
  • Native integrations for sensors, RFID readers, tangible objects, IoT
  • Enterprise-grade analytics with chart builder and dashboard publishing
  • Seamless deployment to a webpage or as an app on personal devices
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Touch Screen Software

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We’ve got 100+ videos of customer work across a variety of industries and for a variety of audiences
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Benefits of Intuiface

Benefits You Can Expect

Reduce dev time by 60%
Speed change management from days to minutes
Reduce project expense by 80%

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Interactivity is also great for your business

Touch Screen Software 360 View
Complete 360° view of your audience
Enterprises are collecting data at multiple phases of engagement and using it to complete their understanding of customers and prospects. Before digital transformation with Intuiface, that understanding stopped at the door.
Touch Screen Digital Signage
Improved brand impression
The more rewarding and innovative an in-person experience, the better impression a brand can make on its shoppers, a B2B can make on its prospects, a museum can make on its visitors. This leads to positive word-of-mouth and repeat visits.
Interactive Digital Experiences For ROI Digital Projects
Maximised ROI of in-venue digital projects
The dirty secret of traditional, broadcast digital signage? There is nothing to measure! By adopting personalized, data rich, interactive digital content, your projects maximize their utility while shining a light on what does and does not work, feeding future investment.

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ISO 27001
Our information security certification, achieved in 2021.
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Customer count, with thousands of devices in 60+ countries.
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